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 All body functions depend on the quality of oxygen supplied to the body. Some of these processes include tissue regeneration and cell metabolism. Lack of a sufficient supply of O2 in the body may result in adverse reactions including; lowered physical performance and brain functionality, lack of energy and hence headaches and dizziness besides fatigue and depression. All these are clear indicators that an individual's immune system has been invaded.

It is very clear; therefore, the extent to which O2 therapy is important. O2 therapy is the administration of gas for medical reasons. In this therapy, the gas levels are increased and hence increasing the quality of O2 in the lungs. This, in turn, alleviates the symptoms that may be evident in a patient.

Besides this medical use of O2, there are others that are more for leisure. The first of this is sport fitness whereby sports personalities have portable equipment they use to increase the gas content present in their system to enhance performance. This use may also be exercised by other healthy individuals who may want to maintain their performance.

This purpose is enabled by the use of O2 bars; which is scented air that is inhaled via nasal cannula for a while. It is claimed that this practice is safe. It enhances health by boosting the immune system, reducing stress, enhancing concentration, body relaxation and increases energy.

Whether your reason for purchasing O2 is medical or auxiliary, thought should be given to a few facts. First, use and condition of the individual will determine the type of machine one will need to buy. The O2 requirement of the individual and the length of time this supplementary gas will be required is of the essence since it is administered as a dosage for effective treatment.

Secondly, an individual's budget has to be considered. One may want to own an O2 concentrator with certain specs but may not afford, and hence they may opt to finding the service from a vendor who charge them per minute of inhalation. Generally, portable equipments are preferred but may not always be the best option.

Third and final consideration would be the provision of refill services. This normally comes as a package with a monthly charge to it, but one must always confirm this. Above all, these factors to be considered, a doctor's recommendation cannot be overlooked at any cost. It will go a long way in ensuring that the specific need of the individual going to use the O2 is met.

The sources of O2 are stores that are available physically and on online stores. Most of these are licensed and registered industrial laboratories and chemicals retail shops that are regulated by the medical board. Besides, vendors who provide O2 bar services can also be found at a minimal fee for instance, in the USA, a fee of $1 per minute of inhalation is charged.

In conclusion, your O2 needs may be met in a hospital, through a vending retailer or by self- administration via portable or home equipments. Great caution should be taken when administering oxygen to prevent fires, since it is highly flammable.

Clair O'Hara is writing on behalf of Pure O2, specialists in oxygen.

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