Dental Care Tips for Kids

Tooth decay and painful cavities are commonly seen amongst kids. Most of the preschoolers get their milk teeth filled with dental cement to close cavities and prevent further decay. The lack of awareness about oral hygiene is the primary reason for deteriorating oral health and the rising cost of dental bills. Laying down strict rules about dental care for your kids will go a long way in ensuring stronger teeth and gums in the future. Proper brushing, regular flossing and timely visits to the dentist are all that it takes to maintain your oral health. Let's take a look at a few dental care tips for kids to initiate oral cleanliness.

Dental Care Tips and Tricks for Kids

Right Toothbrush
For as long as possible, stick to using baby toothbrush. It is extremely soft on the gums and focuses on small areas, thus cleaning them properly. A baby toothbrush protects tender gums, massages them and its easygoing bristles seem encouraging. Additionally, the cartoon characters and the fancy accessories that come along with the toothbrush will keep your child engaged in the activity for a while.

Explaining the importance of brushing teeth is one way of coaxing your child into good oral habits. Narrating fictional stories about tooth decay, role play and giving an incentive for proper brushing are a few more tips, which would promise to get your child into a regular and a proper brushing regime. It is crucial that your child learns to brush slowly and in circular motions. Brushing vigorously can lead to receding gums and weak teeth over a period of time.

Tasty Toothpaste
The first thing kids do when they learn to brush their teeth is taste the toothpaste. Some toothpastes may seem a little spicy, while a few may seem extremely powdery. Don't let the taste of the toothpaste be a deterrent for brushing teeth. There is a range of toothpastes for kids available at most of the supermarkets. Go toothpaste shopping with your child and let him/her pick his/her favorite flavors. Ice cream, chocolate and bubble gum are some of the favorite flavors amongst kids. A tasty toothpaste is an excellent motivating tool to make your child follow important oral care habits.

Fuss Over Flossing
The habit of regular flossing is the most difficult one to get into. Children not only take time to learn the technique, but also often complain about floss hurting the gums. Child-friendly floss meant for tender gums and small teeth is easy to use and does not hurt the gums. Till your child turns 9, you will have to supervise flossing. Mindless flossing races with your child to see who finishes flossing first, is a great motivational tip. Timely visits to the dentist will help you understand whether your child is regularly flossing or shamming the task.

Prevention is always better than cure. Taking precautionary measures such as brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing every day, rinsing your mouth after every meal, using a mouthwash and avoiding excess of sugar are few more preventive dental care tips for children. These tips will definitely help your child understand the importance of maintaining oral hygiene. Learning the necessity of maintaining healthy teeth at a young age, can reap huge benefits in the future.

By Mukta Gaikwad


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  2. babies can have problems with dental decay when parents do not practice good feeding habits. Putting a baby to sleep with a bottle in his or her mouth may be convenient in the short term — but it can harm the baby's teeth.
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  3. Kids’ dental habits should always be supervised as they are more impulsive, especially with the food they eat. They also have the higher tendency to neglect dental health, so as elders, we should always be around to remind them of it. Executing tricks, moreover, have been found to be effective and helpful to get them into the simple act of brushing their teeth.

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  4. Additionally, you can buy your children toothbrushes that have a cartoon character that they like. This can really help them develop the healthy habit of brushing their teeth. There is actually a variety of them in the market. It would be best if you take your kids with you when shopping and let them choose their toothbrush. =)

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  5. I think it is very important for our kids to learn how to brush their teeth as early as possible. Teaching them how to brush at a young age is really not easy so parents or guardians must think of tricks or some sort of activity to make them fascinated with keeping their teeth clean. It’s nice to have healthy, white teeth while growing up.

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  6. “A tasty toothpaste is an excellent motivating tool to make your child follow important oral care habits.”—Yes, this is truly effective! I’ve been doing this with my kids, and I noticed that if they really enjoy the flavor of the toothpaste, they’re more likely to brush more often, and better. My kids love chocolate-flavored toothpaste. Likewise, toothbrushes that have their fave cartoon characters also catch their attention.

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  7. Kids can develop good dental habits at an early age, and likewise it’s also important to break their bad oral habit. This includes going to bed with a bottle of milk in their mouth. As milk contains sugar, it will stay on the teeth throughout the night that can cause their baby teeth to decay, and sometimes, fall out prematurely.

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  10. If you instruct your youngsters to consume fewer sweets, they will have decreased oral microorganisms in this way producinge more minor sums of acids. Along these lines, the tooth polish won´t be destroyed.and they won’t need sealants. Most child's dental specialists can accommodate your youngsters in countless ways.

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  12. It is quite easy to get cavities in kids teeth. They can be prevented by rationing sugary things to mealtimes, giving the teeth a break in between, the best brushing you can get with a kids Fluoride toothpaste and above all, keep very positive about going to the dentist, avoiding associations with negative things like pain, fear and hurt.

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  13. I've been looking to take my son to the dentist. These are such good ideas! I always make my kids brush their teeth in the morning and night. I think they are really adopting this kind of lifestyle now! They actually remind me now that they need to brush their teeth!

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  15. Using different flavored toothpaste is nice idea to make kids brushing their teeth regularly.
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